Windows API Code Pack 1.1 Restored


Even though Microsoft introduced Windows API Code Pack through their Channel 9 website, it seems to have been already decommissioned from their website. For both WinForms and WPF application development, using this code pack has helped developers make their lives much easier. However, we only can get those code packs from NuGet by individuals who voluntarily contributing their works. Official MS version of code pack is no longer available.

Source Codes

Fortunately, one of GitHub user, @jamie-pate has the full source code within one of his personal repository, In his repository, the source code is stored as a .zip format. Hence, I downloaded and unzip it, and restored to the repository:

Use Your Own Risk

There are compiled binary files in the repository. The compiled binary is compatible with .NET Framework 3.5. Therefore, if you want to recompile this with a higher version of .NET Framework, it’s all up to you with your own risk.

The restored source code is released under the MIT license. Of course the original copyright belongs to Microsoft. If Microsoft wants not to publish this, I will unpublish it. If they want to change the license details, I’ll follow their instruction.

What Microsoft Should Do with This

The best scenario regarding to this source code will be either:

  • Microsoft keeps maintaining the code,
  • Microsoft opens the source code repository for reference, or
  • Microsoft opens the source code to the community so that anyone can develop/maintain it.

Any option Microsoft chooses will make developers happy. I don’t think hiding or not maintaining the code is worth for both Microsoft and communities.